Syifa Amani

Part I : Doa yang Dikabulkan When we got married we decided to plan for our first child. After a year and half we stay with my in law then finally we moved out. That time I have a better pay job, we moved from my in law and rent a house nearby my mom. I have also finally removed my wisdom teeth. So then we finally decided it's time, I stop taking contraceptive pill. Then now become the anxious wait for every late period and pregnancy test. Finally it's Ramadan, time for dua. I Doa sungguh-sungguh Ramadan kali ni supaya Allah SWT perkenan I rasa pengalaman jadi seorang ibu. Few days before raya, I didn't notice that my period is already late by 2 days but it just 2 days so it's normal. A day before I knew I was pregnant, I buka puasa with my colleague. That day I thought I have a migraine and I thought it's sign of menstrual.  So the next day, I feel like buka puasa nasi ayam kunyit, then when it's time for buka puasa the nasi ayam kunyit that used to be so good

I Lost My Dearest Uncle

I wake up today and feeling surreal, I look outside and it's drizzling. Friday morning. I still can't believe that I lost my dearly uncle yesterday. I stop to rant at Twitter but I still feel like so much in my mind that I want to tell. I want to tell the world how good he is and how close we are. I have a lot of uncles, by blood and non. He is related to us but not directly but he is there for the most part of my life than other people. We are really close. My father and him. So much good memories since I was a kid.  I remember when we go back to our hometown, I will ride with him because my car is too small for us 10 people. I still remember when Raya we will go to his house and he will cook nice meal for us. I still remember that one time we went to kenduri and I ride back with him and he bring me jalan-jalan. I still remember he went to work at Australia and then I ask him to buy me some perfume, he come back and bring me Elizabeth Arden perfume, a small koala bear and also

Bye 2021

It's been a long time. I want to write but I am to lazy to do so. Now, I have time to kill let's pick up where we left of.  After the last post, me counting down 10 days to my wedding day. Alhamdullillah everything went well and better than I expected. Till this day when I wake up and I see my husband beside me I still feel surreal. It's been about 10 months. I live with my in law and it's not as bad or as complicated as people told me. Everything is fine till this day. I have my cat Memey with me. Still not in TTC phase. Go back to my nikah day, we went to have our akad at JAWI. It is just so simple and funny because my husband first two lafaz akad was funny. Yang tau je tau. LOL. Whatever it is, Alhamdulillah SAH. We continue with simple ceremony at my house, just a simple and small wedding but so heart warming to me. My best friends, my favorite people are there, not all but I am thankful and content. The catering food was late and my family is furious but nothing ca


 10-days. FAQ.  Apa perasaan?  Bercampur baur. Gembira, sedih, teruja, takut, bimbang. Seribu satu perasaan yang tak mampu diucap atau dipapar melalui wajah. Overly sensitive also. Luckily I am not crying easily. Try to seize the moment. I want to enjoy myself. Counting the day my status will change. All the responsibility and possibility. Nevertheless, I am so grateful and thankful. I am blessed that the love people show me during this time. I learn to give more. I learn the beautiful of Tawakal. Belajar mengikhlaskan banyak benda terutama masa lalu. Learn how to let go. How to be brave how to be strong. Takkan pernah berhenti berdoa dan megharap. I thought telling my father that I want ti get married is the hardest, well it turn out to be a lot easier than the whole journey. 


 I said it is okay. Let take one step at a time. Give it a try. I can adapt. It is okay. But the truth is, it is scare the hello out of me. I am worry. Will they accept me for who I am? Oh am I gonna be happy? Am I okay? Can I do this and that? What about my cat? Ya Allah. Only He knows. I am really worry. Am I good enough for them? What will they think of me? What if I want to eat something and what if I want to cook? I don't know if I should be worry about this or I overthink things. It is not easy. It never cross my mind for my whole life that I am going through this. It make me afraid of the marriage. I just can hope and pray that everything will be okay. For temporary. For temporary. I will try my best. The most important thing is I hope that my partner will accept me and protect me. 


Growing up, I'm trying so hard to make my parents proud. Just to get enough attention from them. The only thing I'm good at is study. So I study hard. My exam result always excellent, when I was 13 I got offered to boarding school, when I was 16 I got federal scholar until I was 19. When I was 20, I get 4.00 in one of hardest exam in the world, make it as one of the best student in the country, I got offered in one one the best research university and even another scholarship. My parents don't have to worry about money anymore because I got all figured out. When I was 16 I was offered to one of boarding school to further my study in fashion, but I want to make him proud so I take pure science, when the fact I'm not good at it as much as art.  Can't you see I'm just trying to make you happy and love me. But my life as not as smooth after study, I admit my rezq at work not about money or designation but more to the environment. Maybe my luck not much on that but o

Dear Future Husband

18.10.2020. Kali keenam tarikh ini memberi makna. 6 tahun lalu di mana bermulanya cerita tentang kita. Jika 5 tahun yang lepas pada tarikh ini kamu hanya seorang teman lelaki. Pada tahun ini, kamu bergelar tunang. Officially it has been two months already. Kelakar sebab masa mula bercinta pun masing-masing tak pernah keluar soalan cliche seperti "mahukah kamu menjadi teman wanita/teman lelaki" it just happens. Sebab itulah sehingga hari ini, tarikh ini yang kita rai kerana masing-masing tak tahu saat tepat kita sudah jatuh cinta. Macam juga soal kahwin, takde jambangan bunga mahal berlatar belakangkan restoran mewah. Hanya pesanan Whatsapp "tahun depan kita tunang mau?" semudah itu. Seminggu sebelum ulang tahun aku dengan mudahnya kamu menghantar pesanan melalui Whatsapp "masa birthday you I cuti, kita pergi beli cincin" . Mudah bagi aku tapi entah berapa kali agaknya fikiran kamu terganggu memikirkan bila waktu yang sesuai untuk menghalalkan cerita kita.