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Eighteen Ten Eighteen

It's 18th October again. 4 years now. Sayang, thank you for everything. I'm actually glad that you have the courage to DM me on this date last 4 years. From just an acquaintance, to social media friends, to casual talks in Twitter, unmention, DM then to text, WhatsApp and more. Until now. A lot of things has changed. But we still have each other. Sebenarnya tak tahu la bila masa exact jatuh cinta. Tapi sebab 18.10.2014 adalah masa you start DM. We just celebrate that date every year as our special day. Honestly, on the day you gave me your number I'm so excited. I knew that time that I like you a bit. You just need play your card right and you will win me. Which you did. I selalu kagum dengan kesabaran you. Itu yg menawan hati I among all. Time flies. It's already 4 years since that day. Now we're gonna go through another year ahead. I don't know what future holds for us. Macam you kata "biar masa menentukan". Anyway sayang, I will always try my best …