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2017: February Challenge #25

Day 25 of February Challenge : Love Yourself
25 February 2017 Tape/glue a picture of something or someone that makes you feel good about yourself.

2017: February Challenge #24

Day 24 of February Challenge: Love Yourself
24 February 2017 Write down a hobby that makes you happy. Schedule a time to do it this month.

Drawing or coloring. Yes I make a lot of time drawing and coloring this month and I’m very happy about it.

2017: February Challenge #23

Day 23 of February Challenge : Love Yourself
23 February 2017 Write a thank you note to someone you are thankful for. Make a copy and send it.

Dear you, I’m really thankful for you. For the love and joy you bring to me. Thank you.

2017: February Challenge #22

Day 22 of February Challenge : Love Yourself
22 February 2017  Write down one thing you want to accomplish and how you are going to make it happen.

One thing I want to accomplish is always be happy. How I’m going to make it happen? this is the first step. The February Challenge to discover more about myself.  I’m gonna love and appreciate myself more. I will choose happy.  Always.  I’ll do anything to make sure I always in a good shape. I will always try to be positive and to be optimist in very possible way. Let’s do it.

2017 : February Challenge #21

Day 21 of February Challenge : Love Yourself

21 February 2017 Write “I Love You” ten times. Feel free to decorate the pages around the word.  

2017: February Challenge #20

Day 20 of February Challenge : Love Yourself
20 February 2017 Spend 15 minutes in silence focusing on one positive attribute of yourself. Write about it.
One positive attribute. Yes. Just right my lecturer just mention what actually positive vibes. The most positive thing I can see in myself is be happy. The moment people see you they feel happy. They feel happy being around you. I see a happier girl when she got out from her toxic relationship and meet a new guy. Whatever kind of guy or people you being around with should be that kind of person that makes you feel happy about yourself, make you love yourself more and make you want to be better for yourself. I just want to be happy, the best version of myself and if I look deeper. I actually loved by a lot of people, people like to talk to me, girls or boys, I build trust around people. And I really love being happy and pretty it’s like when I’m feeling good about myself people around me also feel good being around me.

2017: February Challenge #19

Day 19 of February Challenge: Love Yourself
19 February 2017 Write down a positive memory from the past year that made you feel good.

Honestly, it wasn’t a good year for me. It was emotional and challenging. If I need to recall a positive memory that make me feel good, it must be the time I become Cikgu Ganti, sekejap je pun.  Almost a month or less. I’m just so lucky to have that chance. That good feeling bila sampai sekolah and student bagi salam “Assalamualaikum cikgu” you fee needed and respected. I always want to feel appreciated. Even I don’t get along much with the teachers but I have a really good time with the student. I received quite a few gifts when I said it was my last day there. Now, if I go to school they still remember me. Raya tahun lepas tak best. HAHA. Even my birthday. I just can recall a few good memories like Klebang, I hope I can have more positive and good memory this year!

2017: February Challenge #18

Day 18 of February Challenge : Love Yourself
18 February 2017 Write down the name of one person you need to forgive and why – the forgive them.

This is too personal, so I can’t write the name here or even why. I forgive them.

2017: February Challenge #17

Day 17 of February Challenge : Love Yourself
17 February 2017 Exercise today. Write about how you felt before, during and after the workout.

So, actually I decided to go jogging around the lake nearby my house but something came up and I got to go to UKM. I just came back home at 1:30PM and I sleep afterwards. I didn’t remember what time I got up but that time I was really tired and feel sleepy and just not in the mood. Then, I realize it’s too late to go out and decided to just do the Fat Burn Workout that I used watched and do when I was in UKM in the process of getting fit. I rarely do it now because I’m too lazy. How I felt before the exercise, as I mentioned earlier. I feel tired and weak and lazy. During the workout I feel like my heart is pumped out, it’s been a long time and semput everywhere try to catch my breath. After workout, I feel happy and energetic. I don’t feel sleepy and slow as much. That is how you should feel after exercise or workout right. It’s good.  I hope I al…

2017 : February Challenge #16

Day 6 of February Challenge : Love Yourself
16 February 2017  Write a note to yourself that explains why you are fabulous! Promise to read it in 5 years.
Hye dearself. Did you know that you are fabulous? Yes you are. Why? Because you are smart girl, you are independent, you are optimist and ambitious. If you want something and when you put your mind into it you really can do it. You are pretty you know. You just need to be confident. People will love you once they know you. You are always loved and popular among your friend. You are known as very chatty person, even you look silly and little bit crazy and it’s annoying sometimes but that is the fun thing about being around you. You are very talented type of person. Inspiring. You are a lot fun than you realize, that is why you are fabulous. I promise I will read this in 5 years.


So, last semester break aku rajin sikit nak buat vlog pasal apa aku buat sepanjang cuti. Banyak lagi benda aku buat tapi takdela aku vlog. Makan, tidur semua tak vlog la. Masih lagi cari keyakinan nak bercakap depan kamera dan bawa kamera ke hulu dan hilir. Ini je la. Tak power manalah. Asal boleh je.

2017: February Challenge #15

Day 15 of February Challenge : Love Yourself

15 February 2017 Draw something. Get out the crayons and spend 15+minutes drawing anything you want.

*Since I can't find a crayon so I choose to use watercolor instead*

2017 : February Challenge #14

Day 14 of February Challenge : Love Yourself
14 February 2017 Go to bed at least one hour early. The next morning, write about how you feel.

I sure to sleep early that night because I have class at 8:30 AM and I have to go out as early as 6:30 AM from home. But I woke up around 6:20AM and went out from home at 6:45 AM. I’m surely feel good and hungry at the same time. I hope I really can make it to take the bus at 8:30AM and I did. I arrived at class at 8:40 AM. I’m okay. Everything is fine. Yeah sure it is.

2017 : February Challenge #13

Day 13 of February Challenge: Love Yourself
13 February 2017 Copy a short poem that has meaning to you in your journal
It’s  not a short. But it is one my favourite.
Langit Vanilla “Kau manusia, kau tak boleh ada semua”
Tatkala aku menyelam ke dalam dua matamu yang jernih bergenang, kita tahu kita tak akan jadi satu… bergaduhlah awan. Maka seperti kiambang di air,  Aku terapung tersenyum mendung, Ini anugerah, bertopeng ranah, Ini anugerah, dikupas sabar. Satu, dua tiga,  Impian hancur menjadi lebur,  Empat, lima,enam, yang lebih, malang. Berpayung kanlah langit vanilla,  Berbalik pada tempat asal cinta, Maha Perkasa. “Rasa sanggup untuk kemalangan dan punah ranah hati berkali-kali. Subhanallah, setiap kejadian itu benar berbaloi.”

2017: February Challenge #12

Day 12 of February Challenge : Love Yourself
12 February 2017 Tape a picture of yourself that you love in your journal. Write about why you choose it.
Why this picture? Because I can see myself smiling. Really smiling even I don’t look at the camera. I have this funny and weird expressions in the picture which the picture you can make a meme of. Out of all the picture which I try to be pretty and look as good as possible but I really like to see myself smiling and laughing without even try to look good. I just want to be happy and not even fake it.

Gift Away Azreen Chan

If you read my February Challenge, I did wrote about Kak Azreen. I'm really a die hard fan *kipas susah mati* of her art work. From the Explore tote bag, to the sticker even post card. I love it so much, I used to save my pocket money to buy anything that she created. Usually, I would buy a sticker hand-cut by her. All hand made. Now she have this new die-cut sticker sheets. Walaupun selama ni beli dan simpan sayang nak guna, rasanya if I get this new sticker I would definitely use in my journal, yg sebelum ni buat collection then yg sticker ni buat tampal dalam journal. 
So, this is the link of the post she wrote on her blog about the sticker and gift away
I don't have much crafter lover friends but I would tag Maryam Jamilah since Maryam pernah juga beli art work Kak Azreen.
It's okay even I don't get the sticker for free, I would definitely buy it once I have enough money hehehe.

2017 : February Challenge #11

Day 11 of February Challenge : Love Yourself
11 February 2017 Write about a place you would go right now, if you could go anywhere in the world

I used to choose Edinburgh as a place that I would go if I ever had a chance to go there but now, if you asking right now I don’t have any specific place. I might choose a beach or an island. I want to hear the calming sound of the ocean, I want walk through the beach and let my toe feel the sand, I want to feel the air and the wind blowing around. I just want to see how amazing the ocean is, I just want to see the sky from there, I want to see cloud or even stars and the moon. Nak duduk pinggir pantai, biar kaki dibasahi ombak. Hanya untuk berasa tenang berdiri di tepi sebuah pantai. 

2017 : February Challenge #10

Day 10 of February Challenge : Love Yourself
10 February 2017  Write down one unhealthy thing that you do and cross it out with a big X

2017 : February Challenge #9

Day 09 of February Challenge : Love Yourself

09 February 2017  Write down a quote that motivates or inspires you
Bercakap tentang quote sebenarnya, I love quotes. I really depends on quotes as my source of motivation. Masa tingkatan enam aku tulis setiap hari satu quote untuk motivate diri sendiri to keep going. It is not an easy journey. I need to keep myself motivated and inspired. Sampai sekarang pun, I quotes almost everything I hear in song, music, in books, poems or anything  that can motivates and inspires me to be better, to be strong. But this one is really, really one that I will use forever in my life. Since I need to write A QUOTE.
“Bersama kesusahan ada kesenangan”

2017 : February Challenge #8

Day 08 of February Challenge : Love Yourself
08 February 2017 Write about someone that motivates or inspires you

Talk about motivation and inspiration, I personally thinks that everyone can be your motivation and inspiration. Everyone or everything I see can inspires and motivate me to be better person, as simple as bila aku nampak orang yang kutip sampah bukan sampah dia kat jalan aku akan termotivasi dan terinspirasi jadi seperti dia. A better version of myself. It can be my family also my great motivation. Or even my loved ones. But if you ask me this one person that really motivates and inspire me ialah Kak Azreen or Azreen Chan. I found her blog around 2013, since then I can say that I really motivates and inspires by her. I used to read her blog everyday. Now je dah jarang yela dulu kat sekolah everyday dapat internet akses free. Seronokla. I went to Art For Grabs and meet her in real life for the first time, lepastu ada dua tiga kali jumpa. Sekarang da jarang pergi event, but sti…

Review: NGERI

Tajuk Buku : NGERI Penulis: Gina Yap Lai Yoong Terbitan: Buku FIXI
NGERI – Gina Yap Lai Yoong
Mungkin ini antara terbitan FIXI yang jadi Bestseller. 2017 aku baru baca, lambat sikit. Itupun sebab bosan sangat dan sebab da lama tak baca FIXI so just give it shoot. Dalam masa 4 jam aku berjaya habiskan. Memang tema kegemaran aku la thriller, crime dan penyiasatan ni. Overall, jalan cerita sangat bagus. Aku da tahu siapa pembunuh dari awal dah sebenarnya. Da boleh agak, tapi aku tak sangka akhir dia ada orang lain. Susah nak suspek orang kedua yang terlibat. Bagi sebuah buku yang ada tema penyiasatan sangat baik penulisannya. Cuma bahasa agak baku mungkin sebab Bahasa Melayu bukan bahasa pertama penulis tapi masih ditulis dengan baik dan mudah difahami. Nanti aku sambung dengan MANGSA aku akan update lagi bagaimana. Untung aku dapat baca buku yang dah ditanda tangan. Rajin betul kesayangan pergi ambil signature penulis. hee

Review: Pengejar Bintang

Tajuk Buku : Pengejar Bintang Penulis : Nami Cob Nobbler Terbitan: Lejen Press
Pengejar Bintang – Nami Cob Nobbler How sweet it is seorang MSL bila belikan hampir semua buku Nami sebab seorang Asmi Asmidar suka pada buku Nami. Terima kasih, sayang.

Pengejar Bintang, aku tak pasti antara Awek Chuck Taylor dengan Pengejar Bintang mana keluar dulu tapi jalan cerita Pengejar Bintang sangatlah dibayangi dengan jalan cerita ACT. Watak-watak utama ACT juga ada bayangan dalam Pengejar Bintang. Macam biasalah Nami banyak bercakap mengenai lagu dan manusia seperti Kurt Cobain. Dalam Pengejar Bintang banyak menentang sebuah konsep yang dinamakan perkahwinan. Gaya penulisan dan jalan cerita kurang kemas berbanding dengan buku Nami yang aku da baca macam ACT, Rokok Nan Sebatang dan Bau Semangat Anak Muda. Tulisan ni nampak mentah. Mungkin terbitan awal buku Nami. Aku pun tak pasti. But Pengejar Bintang bukan antara kegemaran aku. Aku pasti kisah Nami dan skizofrenia ada sesuatu yang perlu dirungkaikan…

2017 : February Challenge #7

Day 07 of February Challenge : Love Yourself
07 February 2017 Write about what makes you truly happy
Seeing people I love happy really truly makes me happy. Nothing happier than making other people happy because of what you did. Kepuasan membahagiakan orang yang kita sayang sukar untuk digambarkan. How happy it is to see your significant others smiling and laughing. Bahagia tengok orang yang kita sayang bahagia itu adalah bukan perkara main-main. Banyak perkara dalam dunia boleh membuatkan kita bahagia tapi tak terbanding masa dan memori indah dengan orang yang kita sayang. Feelings appreciated also makes me happy. Tahu yang diri dihargai dan disayangi sangatlah membuat seorang Asmidar bahagia.

2017: February Challenge #6

Day 06 of February Challenge: Love Yourself

06 February Write about one thing that you feel you really good at and why    

One thing that I feel I really good is writing. Why? I love to do a lot of things but this one writing, is the thing that I feel I really good at. Banyak juga aku menulis sebenarnya. Cita-cita nak menulis dan terbitkan sebuah buku timbul dari kecil. As much as aku suka membaca, macam tu juga aku suka menulis. Menulis ni rasa dia macam bercakap juga. Tapi cumanya medium penyampaian yang berbeza. I used to write a lot, cerpen, puisi. Walaupun takde la power mana, ruang penambahbaikan dimana-mana tapi still rasa inilah satu perkara yang saya bagus.

2017: February Challenge #5

Day 05 February Challenge : Love Yourself
05 February  Write 3 positive words that you believe your closest friends would use to describe you.

Macam biasa la lambat. 6 haribulan punya petang-petang sikitla kot. haha

2017: February Challenge #4

Day 04 of February Challenge : Love Yourself
04 February 2017:  Write down one thing you need to forgive yourself for- and then forgive yourself.

Cuba fikir jap. Time happy susah nak ingat benda murung ni. I’m forgive myself for not being good enough or in other word not being perfect. No one in this world is perfect, it’s okay not to be perfect. It’s okay not to be okay. I forgive you dearself. You are loved, you are special. 
Simple but meaningful. Goodnight.

2017: February Challenge #3

Day 03 of February Challenge: Love Yourself
03 February 2017: Write about one personality trait that you love about yourself and why.

One personality trait: Extravert. Even sometimes orang akan cakap aku annoying, talkative, becok ke bising ke, but you know that one thing I love about being myself and one thing I surely know people will miss about me. I don’t care if people complaining about me laughing out loud. I am happy, zaman la ni menempuhi kedewasaan bukan mudah nak jadi happy. Kadang-kadang murung jaa. Jadi happy tu seronok lagi seronok bila buat orang lain happy. Few people yang baru kenal akan cakap aku annoying but they gonna love me once they know I am very good listener and I love to listen and share.  Share je pape, I’m delightful to hear. And that’s it. TTYL.

2017: February Challenge #2

Day 2 of February Challenge : Love Yourself
02 February 2017: Write physical feature that you like about yourself and why.

Talking about physical feature, I like a few things about myself. I like my eyes. I like my lips and I like my hair. Why? My eyes because if you look closely I have a pair of rounded hazel eyes. Walaupun bulu mata tak lentik tapi still lawa sebab bulu mata aku panjang. Hahaha. I don’t think that I will ever need falsies. Lepastu bibir sebab full lips orang kata. Ada la macam Angelina Jolie tapi aku lawa lagi. Last sekali rambut sebab, rambut aku kalau panjang lawa, kalau pendek comel. Warna macam warna mata, kalau jaga elok-elok memang tak berani pegang sebab lawa sangat.

2017: February Challenge #1

This is my first post on February and 2017, I promise myself to blog and write as much as I can. Jadi, aku decide nak buat February Challenge: It's about loving myself. Well, February it's a love month. zI just google the challenge, ambil je mana berkenan, Next month mungkin gambar ke vlog ke. Idk but memang nak preoccupied dengan benda macam ni supaya tak murung dan berwawasan. Tak mudah kay nak tempuh zaman dewasa. Ini pun da lambat post. 
01 February 2017 : Write about yourself include physical characteristics.

I’m a very sentimental person yet I try to be positive and optimist. I like to plan things and I will freaked out if things didn’t follow as I planned. Okay la kalau unexpected things happen kalau da tak boleh kawal but if things happened memang sengaja diubah memang menguji kesabaran la. I can be moody all day. As a sentimental person, I love art and this is my right to brag. I am creative. I can be patient and unpatient at the same time. I love anything about art, dr…