After 7 years.

Hi pal. Guess I take a break from writing for sometimes. Sibuk menulis thesis, exam dan yadaa yadaa. Nak disimpulkan, I don’t even know when I will post this. Maybe 11 June. So, kalau 11 June. Lagi 3 hari aku akan habis exam, mean last paper for my degree. Like yes, already 3 years. Finally, another phase will pass. Bercakap pasal thesis pula, I’ve send my first draft menunggu dipulangkan semula daripada my superviso untuk sebarang pembetulan. Selesai exam, thesis so what’s left is internship last sekali road to graduation. And along that I’ve been taking sometimes for myself to think, sit back and yes just let my mind of things a bit. The thing is, I don’t know I suddenly have this courage to change my blog url. It’s been 7 year since xkenalmakexchenta. To think about it how can you even spell or pronounce it. Kan kan…itu yang aku tukar ke iniblogmida. Easier kan. Sebab I’m planning to write something more formal here. Well. We’ll see. That will do for now. So it might take few days for my url to totally change, you might find google cakap my blog has been removed. So takpela. Biar je dulu, every good things takes time. And I just think it’s time. Itu jela. Wish me luck. May your life be blessed. 


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