2017 : February Challenge #28

Day 28 of February Challenge : Love Yourself

28 February 2017  Write about how this Self-Love Challenge made you feel and how you have changed.

I love doing this challenge.This challenge make me appreciate myself more. I have this resolution to be happy this year, to love myself more this year. This challenge help me from doing the negative things like overthinking. I be more confident and I feel good about myself. I’m happy with myself. 

It was so late. I can't keep it up to write everyday since I have class in the morning and I get tired and sleep early. I also have so much things to do. Risau ni haa JPA tak kredit lagi, masuk apatah lagi. Banyak benda nak bagi settle. Nak kutip data untuk thesis. By 15 Mac nak kena siapkan bab 1-3 thesis. Esok kena handle program. So, banyak benda nak kena settle. Tapi aku tenang tenang saja. Moga dipermudahkan dan kuat. Kalau dekat kolej, macam ni sensorang mahu tertonggeng menangis da ni. Keep positive. This challenge helps me lot. Always believe in yourself. Love yourself. You don't doubting people you love kan? I will keep doing challenge for March. Nanti aku dan aku post ya. 


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