Cantik? Manis? Comel?

Seorang lelaki pernah cakap "kau tak cantik, tapi kau comel" some average guy  happened to be just a friend. A 17 year old kid ever said " akak manis, manis yg cantik" just a plain and honest comment without feelings. A 2 year old kid once said "akak cantik" and a few days ago, a group of girl said that "ramai orang minat akak sekarang ni sebab akak cantik". I'm still wonder now am I pretty?  Am I beautiful?  Or am I comel?  Or just a plain potato? I don't know which is good. How you ever define cantik?  Manis?  Atau comel?  Subjektif. Above all. Mungkin apa yg dinilai hanya pada rupa atau tingkah laku yang ada pada kita. Bergantung pada persepsi penilai. Physically penting ke? How personality? What do you think about yourself? Do you have a beautiful personality? Do you feel good about yourself? Everyone is unique and the most important thing is. What do you feel? 


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