Sunshine or Rain

Sometimes I wonder when was the last time someone ever fall in love for my smile.  For me. For the time I'm being a cheerful girl. For the time I'm happy and beautiful. But above all.  I wonder when was the last time someone ever love me when I'm sad. When I'm vulnerable. It's easy to love someone when they are shine and beautiful. Like you love the moon when they're full. Like when you love sun when sunrise, sunshine or sunset. But do you love just a plain moon at 6 am in the morning? Do you love cloudy, rainy day just like you love day with sunshine? To fall in love with someone with all the good and the bad, the insecurities and vulnerabilities, it can get hard sometimes but that is love. Relationship is more than just love and feelings. Falling in love it's not once, you can fall for someone more than once. You can fall and fall again even when it's sunshine or on rainy day. That is love. 


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